In the Pre-Prep room we provide diverse learning opportunities to cater for the interests of all our children. This promotes our central goal which is for all our Pre-Preppies to develop into confident little people, that are ready to take on new experiences and challenges for their future learning.

We offer a Queensland Government approved kindergarten program delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher. We use the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline to guide our curriculum, providing a program where children learn through play, emergent and planned experiences.

We also aim to prepare children for the transition to formal schooling. Moving to Prep can be daunting for many children and their families, however in Pre-Prep we focus on:

  • Social/Emotional competencies
  • Self-Management

We endeavour to teach children strategies on how to self-regulate, building resilience and promote independence. In addition to this, we provide an individual transition statement at the end of the year to provide vital information to the relevant school in order to make the transition to school a smooth and an effortless process.