Kindyhub is a simple way to stay connected with your child during their time with Bauer Street Children’s Centre.

Essentially Kindyhub is a digital communication tool, allowing us to easily share your child’s day care experience with you at the end of each day. Our educators capture your child’s milestones and development via Kindyhub with photos, notes and stories. Kindyhub saves us time, in-turn allowing us to spend more time with your child.

As a parent you and your chosen relatives will have a secure and private login to access a snapshot of what your child does throughout the day. This snapshot will be sent to an app you can install on your Smartphone or via email.

The key with Kindyhub is to ensure it complements the face-to-face communication we already have when you visit our centre. Our face-to-face communication is undeniably one of the most important aspects of maintaining great relationships between our educators and your family. Kindyhub is here to enhance that communication and provide the families that can’t visit us with photos and information about their child.